The first step in working with our office is a consultation. These meetings last one hour, and we charge $75 for them. We can generally get you in to speak with an attorney quickly,  and we also offer flexible meeting times and phone consultations. To schedule a consultation, first fill out our screening form.


There are over two million people living in King County. Over 35% of them are earning less than $50,000 per year, and over 20% earn less than $30,000 per year – making them both unable to afford prevailing hourly rates for legal services (which range from $250 to $500 per hour) and ineligible for free legal services offered by traditional nonprofits. This leads to many people being forced to represent themselves, which can often result in less-than-just outcomes. This is especially concerning in family law proceedings, where an unrepresented party may feel pressured or intimidated by the opposing party’s attorney, and may be unaware of his or her rights. Additionally, unrepresented parties often struggle to understand and interpret local court rules and procedures, making it difficult for cases to be handled efficiently, and for the parties to obtain their desired results. Not only does this burden the parties involved, but it also burdens the court system.

That's where Northwest Advocacy Foundation comes in. We are a nonprofit law firm funded by donations and reduced client fees. Where most law firms set a static hourly rate, the rate that we charge is based not upon an arbitrary number that we decide, but on the client's ability to pay. Our hourly rate is dependent on the client's household size and income, and is between $75 and $200. 


We try to tailor our services to what you need. If you're looking for full representation – meaning that the attorney handles every aspect of your case – we can absolutely do that. We also offer limited or "unbundled" services – meaning that we only handle a specific aspect of your case. More and more, parties are looking for limited services, as they get legal advice and expertise where they most need it, but aren't incurring the high costs often associated with full representation. Because we are only handling specified tasks, we can better estimate how many hours the task will take, and thus, how much it will cost. Some examples of brief services are: 

  • drafting court documents, including initiating documents, petitions, motions, responses, replies, and proposed orders;
  • filing court documents;
  • reviewing documents that you've drafted;
  • negotiating with an opposing party or counsel;
  • preparing you for a hearing; and
  • reviewing settlement offers.

In your consultation, we'll discuss all of these options and – should you chose to hire us – we'll help you determine what you do (and don't) need.